Helen Kezie-Nwoha

Email: khelen@wipc.org

Helen Kwoba

Helen Kezie-Nwoha is the Executive Director of Isis-WICCE. With an academic background in gender and international development and over 16 years’ experience working on women’s rights, gender, peace building and conflict resolution and governance, she provides leadership in resource mobilization, institutional visioning and management. She has led regional and international training and research programs and advocacy on Peace and security in Africa (Liberia, South Sudan, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sierra Leonne and Burundi) and Asia. She has also provided technical support for peace mediation engagements by women activists in Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo. Helen has a Master’s in Business Administration.

She has co-authored the following publications; Making Gender-Just Remedy and Reparation Possible: Upholding the Rights of Women and Girls in the Greater North of Uganda (2013); Women’s Participation in Post Conflict Reconstruction: The case of Burundi, Liberia and Sierra Leone. (2013); Policy Brief on Gaps between Policy and the Reproductive Health needs of Women, December 2011; Policy Brief on Addressing Women’s Post Conflict Needs in Uganda, 2012; Kezie-Nwoha, H and Brown, J. Technical Brief: Africa Transformation – Examining Gender Norms and Transforming Lives. Department for International Development, 2009